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Lauren Burdick - 4/15/2015

Kaitlin Schneider, Snappening social media intern and Butler University strategic communications major, knows her way around event planning. Prior internships have prepared her to succeed in her current role.

Schneider’s previous experience with special events made her a great fit for her role at Snappening, a unique event planning company in Indianapolis. Its web site allows users to be their own event planners and build an event based on size and venue. They also can connect with local professional event planners.

“I loved the idea of event planning services online with endless amounts of tools to find your perfect venue or planner,” she reflects.

“Before Snappening, I was at Special Olympics Indiana in the fall as the special events intern,” she recalls. “I worked on planning its biggest fundraiser, Polar Plunge. Last summer, I was at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis doing marketing for the volunteer center.”

As the social media intern at Snappening (she wants to pursue social media or event planning after graduation), multitasking is part of the job.

“Each week, I create social media content for various platforms, track and analyze social media results, and research new trends in the event planning industry and how we can incorporate them into Snappening,” Schneider relates. “I also do a lot of special projects whether it’s writing blogs, creating press releases or starting new Pinterest boards.”

She enjoys honing her skills by tackling projects for the company on her own.

“My favorite part about working for Snappening is the independence to work on projects,” Schneider emphasizes. “I have the opportunity to really let my creative side come out in this internship, which I love. An interesting part about Snappening is the co-working facility we work in. This helps drive the independence and is also a really cool environment.

“Internships are crucial and beneficial for success after graduation because of the connections you build, the experience in the field and learning more about whatever field you are interested in,” she concludes.