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Jordan Patterson - 7/15/2015

Evansville reporter and recent Butler University graduate JoJo Gentry knew she wanted to be a reporter since she was 10 years old. She completed several internships, including two opportunities with WTHR-TV and WISH-TV, which reinforced her decision to pursue a career in journalism.

After completing school and several internships, she landed a role as the weekend sports anchor/reporter at WEVV-TV CBS44/FOX44 in Evansville.

“I couldn’t be more prepared for this job because of my Butler education, and I mean that 100%,” Gentry declares. “Through Butler, I was connected with internships at WTHR-TV and WISH-TV of Indianapolis, where I was able to solidify my passion for journalism.”

Her enthusiasm for reporting came at the age of 10 when she was a reporter for a day at Exchange City (now JA BizTown®), a hands-on education program with a model city setting. She says the feeling of accomplishment that came from that role inspired her.

More than a decade later, Gentry is still in her home state embarking on a new opportunity.

“I’m a born and raised Hoosier,” she emphasizes. “I’m familiar with the area, the types of news coverage and public figures. To have an opportunity to report in a place where not only I call home, but where I am familiar, was perfect.”

Gentry’s grandfather also played a role in influencing her career.

"My grandpa was a journalist in the Navy during World War II,” she explains. “I grew up learning about his experiences in journalism, and I knew I wanted the same responsibility that he had.”

As a first-year reporter, Gentry is working with others who have prior experience in the newsroom. She has several mentors who have impacted her career.

“Mentors have inspired me to follow my dreams,” Gentry recollects. “If I didn’t have those mentors, I’m not sure I could have gotten where I am today. I encourage anybody looking to get into this field to find someone you trust and who will help you.”

Currently, she is completing extensive training, which includes learning how to use computer systems, cameras and functions of the TV set. Soon, she will go into the field and gather sports stories.

The WEVV-TV news operation, absent since 2001, will return on August 3.