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Sierra Hignite - 5/12/2018

Indiana State - For four years these ISU graduates have been training for the moment they will enter the work force. 
But the stress of finding "the" job can be difficult, so many of them start the search as soon as they can.

"I started looking for jobs as soon as I knew I was done with student teaching, so that was a couple weeks ago," says graduate, Grace Adams.

But for some like Adams, their programs don't allow them to qualify for jobs until weeks after they cross the stage.

"I can't apply for my license until the College of Education tells us we can so they probably won't start contacting me for a couple of weeks," says Adams.

On the other side, there are always the lucky few that are offered full time positions after completing required internships.

"This semester I had an internship at a counseling center here in town and they offered me a job at the end of the semester, so I am really excited to start that," says graduate, Hannah Smith.

Hands-on experience like internships has helped many of these grads narrow their focus to be able to pick a job that allows them to use what they learned while earning their degree.

"It was definitely the internship that inspired me to do that. Before that there is so much you can do with psychology so it took me a while to decide. Then once I got the internship I realized that is what I wanted to do," says Smith.

For those who haven't settled into their full time spots yet, they are confident that with their education they won't be on the hunt for long.

Adams says, "well I am not really stressed because usually I will work a couple of jobs during the summer and I know that I can still be a substitute with a Bachelor's degree in Illinois, so not having like a firm full time teaching position, I'm not too worried about it."

ISU reports 53% of undergraduate students in ISU's class of 2016 had full time positions lined up post graduation.