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Even the best intern program can’t function without the right intern. If you’re an employer desiring to hire an intern this fall, you should begin posting positions and reviewing candidates if you have not done so already.

An early recruitment process provides access to a larger pool of talent and options, which may hold your perfect intern. This allows you to find the intern best suited for your needs rather than choosing a candidate who may not fulfill all of your requirements at a later date.

This holds true for small and large businesses alike. Many students and interns begin searching for positions early, and waiting too long to post your internships gives both your organization and those high-achieving future interns fewer opportunities.

Before posting your internship, however, it is important to have most of the details and job description ironed out. This helps provide potential interns a clear direction on what the position will entail and encourages qualified candidates to apply. A vague internship posting can lead to an overwhelming number of candidates who might not be the best fit. Your internship description can also guide conversation during the interview process.

Fall internships pose special challenges to recruiters and organizations, as the pool of applicants is generally smaller compared to summer internships. Many students can’t devote time away from school for a full-time internship. That said, there is also less competition from other organizations for applicants, so those who do apply are likely to be very interested in your internship.

Indiana INTERNnet makes it simple to connect employers with thousands of Hoosier students wanting to gain work experience. Whether you’re knee-deep in applications for fall interns or just getting started, our site can help streamline the sometimes-daunting hiring process. Download our free employer’s guide, Intern Today, Employee Tomorrow: The Indiana Employer’s Guide to Internships for assistance every step of the way.