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Lauren Burdick - 1/20/2015

Trace Beauchamp enjoys the variety his internship at IU Health La Porte offers. The technical help support specialist remarks that his assignments provide a wide range of both daily tasks and projects.

He spends his mornings answering the helpdesk phone and responding to overnight emails and calls. The rest of the day consists of duties such as setting up equipment for presentations, working with vendors and using help desk software to document issues and keep track of technology-related assets throughout their life cycle.

“The internship I’ve done here was one of the best jobs and learning experiences I’ve ever had,” Beauchamp declares. “If I could earn a living on an internship wage, I’d probably do it for the rest of my life.”

These are bold words from the Purdue University North Central senior and computer information technology major.

Working in technology, Beauchamp comments, forces him to constantly ask questions and learn. His biggest challenge was learning all of IU Health La Porte’s systems and applying different troubleshooting strategies when problems arose.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t let the possibility of making a mistake hold you back from trying to fix an issue,” he emphasizes. “Many issues aren’t as complex as they appear.”

In addition, Beauchamp recommends writing down all tasks and projects. This will make it easier to update your resume and provide talking points during interviews or internship evaluations.

“Learn the basics first and be sure to document everything you do,” he stresses. “Staying as organized as possible and using excel spreadsheets has helped me.”

Beauchamp contends that although his position revolves around technology, the transferable skills he’s acquired will be valuable regardless of his future job. 

“This internship was a great doorway,” he reflects. “It will also look great for any other job opportunity I might pursue in the future, especially in this field.”