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WSBT 22 - 5/22/2017

High school students made their pitch for a paid internship with a local non-profit.

A competition started with 70 teams Monday. The final seven presented their projects to ADEC in Elkhart. Then judges will pick which prototype wins.

"It's just such a great experience. We actually got to get out in the world and see an actual problem and solve it on our own. And it just was so a great experience,” said Mishawaka High School sophomore Isabelle Fielding.

"ADEC is a non-profit organization, and so they employee people with disabilities. And it's very rewarding for us to help them and make their lives easier while making dog bones and being able to help the community as well," said Mishawaka High School sophomore Mia McQuain.

ADEC challenged the students to come up with solutions to problems or improve how dog bones, benches, or wood signs are made.