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Zavion Herron: Making an IMPACT

Indiana INTERNnet celebrated internship excellence on February 18 at the 14th Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon. Though the event is over and the winners have been announced, we are continuing to celebrate the nominees’ successes.

These are their stories.

Zavion Herron is a junior at Riley High School. He completed an internship with The University of Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation.

Indiana INTERNnet: Congrats on winning High School Intern of the Year at our 2020 IMPACT Awards! Now that your internship is over, what are you up to these days?

Zavion Herron: I am just getting through high school, juggling the many things that are in my life now. The new and expansive career brought from the internship, my after-school activities like Science Olympiad and the Riley High School game club which I am a co-president of along with my friend Parker Dabney, etc.


IIN: Where are you currently at in …

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Spring, Is That You?

For months I had been anticipating this perfect riding weather. Telling others here at the Indiana INTERNnet how I could not wait to ride my bike into the office instead of taking the Red Line. A few weeks before all this, my fiancé and I had just started up “Reset Sundays,” where we would frequent a different park in the city or surrounding area. We like to get out of our small apartment in downtown Indy. We would walk around for miles and just reconnect with nature and reset for the week ahead.

Fresh Air, Is It Worth It?

The shelter in place order and working from home situation currently happening here in Indiana. Keeping us all cooped up inside plus the beautiful weather have me wanting to go outside for bike ride more than ever, but at what risk?

The truth is that a lot of us …

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My Unexpected Senior Experience

I’m experiencing a less than ideal ending to my undergraduate career.

Yesterday morning, I attended my first online lecture for a course called soil quality. We used a platform called Webex, which felt much like a Skype call. My teacher lectured like normal as if we were in class but only about five of my peers came online (out of 12). This is the only class I have that’s switching over to meeting online during our scheduled class time; and the lab portion of the course is being replaced with shorter take-home assignments.

Other professors chose to create digital spaces where they can be available to students. Mostly, they’re doing this through virtual office hours and Canvas discussion boards. Other than that, course schedules have completely changed. Now on a regular day I download assignments, watch videos, and review PowerPoints in place of class.

The worst …

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Working and Studying from Home

With both city and state governments announcing new guidelines and restrictions to stay healthy and safe, a lot of people are expected to not just stay home, but also work or attend classes from home. There could be a silver lining. No more commuting (at least for the time being), and more opportunities to eat an actual well-balanced meal instead of whatever you can heat up in the office microwave or find in the campus cafeteria. However, in a setting where you’re completely in charge of how you manage your time, you can be your own worst enemy.  Here are some tips to maximize your productivity while working or learning from home.

Respect Your Space

It may be tempting to work from the comfort of a big comfy couch or a cozy bed. Respect your work and the space you work in. Find a designated spot to work at. If …

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Protect Your Health

With the recent virus pandemic escalating and spreading across the world, imposing mandated and voluntary quarantines and now reaching Central Indiana. I don’t want to alarm anyone out there, and while I am not a medical professional. I have worked in a medical facility where sick people arrived to be treated regularly. However, working at the medical center I learned that there are somethings you can do to protect yourself and prevent getting sick.

Mass Hysteria and the Flu

Don’t let this year’s latest strain of influenza virus scare you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2018-2019 flu season was the longest in a decade. Still, people dying from the flu is not new. In fact, also according to the CDC 56,000 people die from flu or flu-like symptoms each year.  So, the best way to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading is by practicing normal …

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