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Entry by Brittney Horn, Membership Intern, Greater Lafayette Commerce

By now everyone pretty much knows to keep their Facebook free of any wild and crazy pictures and ludicrous statuses. This fact is old news by now (or at least I hope so). But what about blogging? Can you blog on your own free will without worrying about future employers reading and analyzing every word you write? The answer is yes. Well, urm, sort of.

You can have a blog that isn’t professionally related, but you MUST be careful at what you write about. If it’s about your life in general, you should be aware of what you reveal. Do you want your future employer to know that you had a 3-day drinking binge to celebrate your birthday? Yeah I didn’t think so. If it’s a specific type of blog such as a food, fashion, music, etc. be sure to be aware of who may be reading your thoughts. If you discuss your least favorite artist or a specific food brand you hate, that could offend readers of your blog. If you do end up wanting to have a professional blog, remember to keep it professional. If you want to add your blog address on your resume, you better make sure it is ready for employers to read.

If you take one piece of advice from this post, please make it be to be aware of what you post. Anyone could be reading your blog, and I mean ANYONE. By simply Googling your name, your blog will pop up and employer’s will read it. So the next time you want to blog about that 3-day drinking binge, think again.

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