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Entry by Valerie Petrey, Public Relations & Event Planning Intern, Purdue Liberal Arts Career Development

 Stressed college student studying for finals.

 1. Stay organized
Keep an agenda or calendar. Write down the days and times of when all of your papers, projects and exams are due. This will serve as a great outline for you to refer to, and will ensure you don’t accidentally mix up times or dates.

2. Don’t pull an all-nighter
If you did number one, you hopefully won’t be pulling all nighters! Know your grades beforehand, and know how well you have to do on the exam or final project to get the grade you want. Be realistic and manage your time wisely. Splitting up study hours will also allow you to rejuvenate yourself.

3. Wrap up final internship projects
It’s not a good idea to try and fit last minute meetings and exit interviews in during finals week. Make sure you have all of your projects and assignments done the week before, so you can go ahead and meet with your internship coordinator.

4. Avoid procrastination
This emulates everything I have already talked about. Don’t procrastinate on your homework, internship assignments, big decisions, etc.! Aside from wrapping up school and work, you might be preparing for interviews, applying for scholarships, or switching executive staff for a student organization—these things should be well thought out and completed before the final week of the semester. Also, get off Facebook!

5. Try a change in scenery
The easiest change you can make to mix things up is to work and study somewhere new. If you regularly go to the library, try the coffee house. Instead of your apartment, check out a local bookstore with chairs and tables.

6. Take a time out
Even though it’s crunch time, you still need “me” time. Put down the books for a couple of hours and go see a funny movie or meet friends for lunch. It will relax you. If you think you don’t have time for that, at least take five minutes to do some breathing exercises or go for a short drive in the car.

7. Hit the gym
It’s been said that 30 minutes of exercise can relieve stress. Plus it’s winter, so we are all already a little gloomy. Whether it’s walking to class instead of riding the bus, or doing Yoga in your living room, work off some sweat to refocus.

8. Have fun
For some of you, it may be your last semester. While hanging out with your friends every night is most likely going to be impossible, remember this may be the last time you will see them in awhile. So go out and enjoy their company.

9. Volunteer
Sometimes the only thing we need is to see someone else happy. Take a Saturday and spend it with someone that needs help or company. It will help you get back on the optimistic bus.

10. Reward Yourself
Once that project is over, or you’ve aced the exam, go and do something for yourself. You’ve earned it. Go shopping or treat yourself to a nice dinner.

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