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Entry by Pat Patterson

Is 2011 the year you will hire an intern for your organization?  If you have hired an intern in the past, is 2011 the year you will host more than one.  If you are still “on the fence,” consider the benefits:

Employer Benefits

Interns can:

  • complete project work that may be on the backburner;
  • increase productivity;
  • reduce recruiting costs; and
  • bring fresh, innovative perspectives to your organization.

Hosting an intern can allow you to:

  • provide a student with a rich learning experience;
  • influence school curriculum;
  • encourage students to stay in their local community;
  • gain short-term talent;
  • increase diversity within your organization;
  • offer management experience to employees working as intern supervisors;
  • provide full-time employees more time to focus on important tasks,
  • remain competitive within your industry;
  • market your company via word of mouth; and
  • begin training potential full-time employees (more than 50% of interns accept an employment offer from their host company).
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