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As you wrap-up your internship, you may find that you have a few treasured weeks of summer left. What are going to do during this time? Maybe you’ll vacation, eat pizza, catch up on the latest blockbusters, relax, or prepare your dorm room or apartment. While these are all great ideas, if you do have a few spare minutes, you should consider utilizing the time to work on documenting your professional experiences.

Here at the Freddie Factor, I’m hoping for an upcoming school year packed with interviews for full-time employment. During those interviews, recruiters and other interviewers will want to hear about your internship, personal, and academic accomplishments. They also want to see and hear that you’ve prepared for the interview by researching the company, the position, and tailoring your answers accordingly.

Now is the time to update your resume—demonstrating what you did during your internships and results that you achieved. Make a list of what your accomplishments and take some time to reflect upon your internship experience. Search for behavioral-based questions, and then write some answers, recalling what you accomplished during your summer internship. Come up with as many situations as possible and then choose the ones that highlight your skills, work ethic, or problem-solving abilities. It may seem trivial now, but you’ll want to document your experience while everything is still fresh in your head—trust me, you’ll need these notes for interviews at a later point in time.

While you are enjoying your time before school, now is also a good time to update any online presence you might have. Social media is important in the work place and needs to be maintained when interviewing.

By accomplishing these tasks now, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re dealing with the stress of both school and job or internship hunting!

Did I miss any tips on how you can effectively spend your time post-internship and before school? Share your ideas with me by commenting below. 

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