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This week marks the end of my internship here with Indiana INTERNnet, and just by coincidence, it signifies a close to the Freddie Factor blog series. My goal with this blog series was to inform peers, employers, and educators about the opportunities that arise from interning.  

Hopefully, you’ve found this blog to be informative and gained a better understanding of why internships are beneficial. I’ve tried to give tips and tricks relating to interviews, resumes, and the latest-and-greatest Indiana INTERNnet website technology. The Freddie Factor or “FF,” as it is referred to in the “factor fan circles,” was also helpful to me…yes, there are factor fans. I did quite a bit of research when writing these blogs and learned a great deal about interning, as a result. With this final blog, I thought I’d recap my internship experience.

During my internship at Indiana INTERNnet, one of my assignments was to write a weekly blog—check! Other assignments included updating our new website with current data, updating PowerPoint presentations to reflect our new branding and initiatives, and analyzing data to help explore marketing opportunities for Indiana INTERNnet.

I gained some knowledge which will benefit my future because this fall, I am starting graduate school to earn a master’s degree in information systems from Indiana University, Go Hoosiers! Analyzing data and working with the website will definitely be a good experience to have under the old belt for this fall.

All in all, I have had a wonderful internship this summer, and I am excited to share my experiences with potential employers during interviews for full-time jobs, wink wink. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and can safely say as an alumnus of internships—be an intern! If you are in college and want experience before stepping out into the workforce, then you must intern. It’s an investment in your future and one the will pay off in the long run.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading!



What will you do this fall to be proactive in your job or internship search? How can you relay your summer experience to employers?

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