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A successful internship experience is a catalyst for work placement and community involvement for the young professional.  This means focusing on a positive experience outside the office as well. So, Indiana INTERNnet provides opportunities for interns to network, socialize, and help the Indianapolis community.

Indy Interns, Indiana INTERNnet’s community-engagement initiative, provided a number of opportunities this summer, including an outlet to share internship experiences, learn about financial wellness, give back to the community, and explore the local Indy culture. But, what’s next?

For the “pre” young professional, the real world is a mysterious place. Shifting from college student and intern to young professional is about engaging in a new vibrant community, getting involved in community discussions, and creating a new social network with fellow young pros. It may sound logical—perhaps even simple—but it requires time, effort, and knowing where to look for opportunities. So where should one begin?

The answer: IndyHub. Their goal? IndyHub wants to give young professionals an excuse to continually experience something new in Indianapolis. This means trying to pique the interest of a very diverse population through Hub Events such as the following: Career Compass for the Creative Class, Get IndyVolved, monthly Happy Hours, and Passport to the Arts. IndyHub gives young professionals an excuse to continually experience something new in Indianapolis. It’s always casual and requires absolutely no regular commitment.

Why not give it a try?  If you’re young and you live and work in Indy, try it out. IndyHub’s annual Get IndyVolved showcases dozens of local nonprofit organizations. It’s a casual affair, so stop by after work concludes for the day, and chat with peers representing groups with whom they are connected. In 2011, the event drew a crowd of more than 475 attendees and 75 exhibitors!

The 2012 Get IndyVolved will be held Wednesday, August 1 @ 6-8 p.m. at Indianapolis City Market.

Interns: stop by the Indiana INTERNnet booth—we will point you in the right direction and get you acquainted with the IndyHub scene. See you there!

About Megan

Megan Schuman is an intern for Indiana INTERNnet in the summer of 2012. She is currently a junior at DePauw University.You can contact her at
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