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This is a guest post by Emily Fauber, summer intern for Miller White Marketing.

I interned at Miller White Marketing in Terre Haute, Indiana. Miller White is an in-house marketing company with two locations: one in Indianapolis and another in Terre Haute. Miller White has been around for more than thirty years and has seen the evolution in marketing. Today, Miller White focuses on marketing, research, public relations, advertising, audio/video, SEO/SEM, interactive and social media. They work with clients to develop creative and relevant strategies to connect the clients with their customer.

I was hired on as an intern to help with College Goal Sunday.  Miller White works with College Goal Sunday to help develop marketing and advertising strategies. College Goal Sunday is a volunteer program that provides free information and assistance to high school student and their families who are applying for financial aid. This is a one-day event held in various places through out Indiana.

I did a variety of projects dealing with College Goal Sunday. The first thing I did was come up with a universal planning calendar that everyone involved in this event could use. The two things that took the most time were researching youth organizations and churches through out Indiana. I updated a youth organization contact list and made a church contact list from scratch. I also proofread the website and made a list of what needed updated. I worked with a graphic designer at Miller White to update the poster, ad, and flyer for College Goal Sunday. I worked coming up with ways to better reach the students and families in Northwest Indiana. Since most of the media comes from Chicago, College Goal Sunday cannot advertise an event that is happening in Indiana and not in Illinois. The last project I worked on was coming up with ideas dealing with social media. I came up with ideas to increase the number of fans on Facebook. I also came up with a list of ideas to post to Facebook and Twitter.

I grew professionally through this experience. I enjoyed being able to see how the marketing firm works. Both through my interview with a professional at Miller White and by being there three days a week, I got a better insight on how things “work.” After being at Miller White for ten weeks, I realized I would enjoy working at a marketing firm full time.

I would highly recommend Miller White to future interns. Everyone at Miller White is friendly and easy to work with. I gained a lot of knowledge through my time spent there and believe internships are a key way to gain experience in your chosen field.

About Megan

Megan Schuman is an intern for Indiana INTERNnet in the summer of 2012. She is currently a junior at DePauw University.You can contact her at
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