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Happy Halloween! Though your internship supervisor is likely expecting (and maybe even looking forward to) frights and scary surprises tomorrow, you don’t want to be one of them in the workplace.

Make sure your Halloween costume doesn’t symbolize your internship persona! Here are some scary internship characteristics to avoid:

The Werewolf Intern:  An employer’s nightmare! This intern looks fantastic on paper and interviews extremely well. He or she promises a great work ethic and the ability to help implement improvements within the organization. But when the full moon rises… or rather, when the intern is hired, he or she morphs into something unexpected and undesirable. Make sure you live up to what you advertise on your résumé and in your interview.

The Frankenstein Intern:  An intern who may act like they were born yesterday (eek!). You are smart, creative and accomplished for someone your age; that’s why an employer tapped you to do important work for them. Make sure you are resourceful, and ask questions after you’ve done some legwork and tried to find the answer on your own.

The Zombie Intern:  We Millennials tend to carry a negative stereotype of being zombie-like anyway (shuffling down the sidewalk glued to our iPhones with buggy eyes after being on Facebook for 5 hours straight). Break the stereotype! Smile at and make eye contact with co-workers when you walk around the office. Turn in work that’s full of life. Do your part to inject enthusiasm into the organization.

The Banshee Intern:  The opposite of the Zombie Intern, the Banshee Intern’s presence is too well-known in the office. You don’t want to talk so much that you become a distraction or undercut your own productivity. Be friendly and outgoing in a respectful way.

One Halloween costume you can wear in the office: Superman (or woman)!

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