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This is a guest post by Kyle Vail, a marketing intern at myCOI. Kyle is a 2012 graduate of Indiana University Bloomington and is from Greenfield, IN.

I am 23 and fresh out of college. I am not afraid to admit that I’m still a little unsure about what I think I will or should be doing for the rest of my life. I completed a Business Economics degree in May, but never really decided on a clear career path. I just knew I loved ideas and the work it takes to make them a reality. Knowing that, the opportunity to join the myCOI team in July as an intern was an easy and rewarding decision.

Working at myCOI as a Marketing Intern means collaborating with a creative, forward-looking team; a team that is always looking to better their product and service by focusing on end users. When a problem arises, there isn’t a myCOI handbook on how to develop and implement a solution to that problem. Thinking outside the box is recommended, and it’s totally acceptable to suggest the craziest ideas that come into your mind. Being wrong or falling flat on your face isn’t a concern here. The only concern is maintaining a user-friendly product and service. Everyone (interns included) plays a role.

My duties have been a productive use of my time. I am not fetching coffee and dabbling in copy machine operations.  When I started, myCOI had work to be done, projects to take on, and a team of people who wanted to see me succeed. The work I am assigned is diverse, and I have been given ownership of one project in particular that spans my entire internship. I’m working hard just like everyone else. That’s a welcome feeling for an intern.

It’s becoming clear that all of this good news shouldn’t be a big surprise. To me, the culture and business model at myCOI can be summed up with one consistent idea: always look for a way to improve and innovate. At myCOI, you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes occasionally because you will learn from those mistakes and your clients will get a better product. Sound simple? Yeah, I thought so too. That’s why I joined the team.

myCOI is a certificate of insurance tracking company based out of Indianapolis. To learn more about myCOI and their services, visit

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