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The IMPACT Awards Luncheon was a great way to see some of Indiana’s brightest interns, professionals and companies. I had the opportunity to learn why Indiana is such a great place to work and intern.

Caroline Dowd-Higgins’ speech was very moving and inspired me to create my own career plan path. She stated that 70% of employees are disengaged and unhappy. This really spoke to me because I’ve always believed in finding a career I will love going to each day and where I can make a difference.  Her speech was relatable–stating that it’s okay to change your mind and that we are each a “work in progress.”

As an intern myself, it was great to listen to three different rock star interns’ (high school, college and nontraditional) success stories. It demonstrates the work you put forth in internships directly affects your career path, making it that much easier to land a job after graduation. To me, being a rock star intern means you had an impact on people through work that positively affected your organization. The employers nominated encouraged internships and had programs specifically dedicated to hiring interns.

Behind the scenes, the effort and hard work put into every detail paid off. From spending hours creating the center pieces to logging information and quadruple checking the seating chart, the Indiana INTERNnet team did a fantastic job making sure the program was a true rock star celebration. To see and experience the IMPACT Awards Luncheon for the first time was very meaningful, especially to me as the organization’s intern.

What do you consider as “rock star” qualities?

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Haley Vannarsdall is the Marketing/Special Events Intern with Indiana INTERNnet.
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