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The following post was originally written in late 2012 by our friends @YouTern, led by @YouTernMark. They offer great advice for both intern and job-seekers. If you’re on Twitter, please follow them, and don’t forget — @IndianaINTERN is active on Twitter, too!

Let’s face it… there are many self-proclaimed career gurus, ninjas and experts on Twitter. So, how do you know where to turn for the really good advice? In alphabetical order and with abundant respect, here are YouTern’s Top 100 for 2013…

@Absolutely_Abby Always positive; a genuine soul and teacher.

@alevit Alexandra delivers some of the best career advice in the business.

@AlisonDoyle Always beneficial information for job and internship seekers on

@AllisonCheston A career expert, author and blogger; highly valued advice.

@AmyatCiti A terrific reputation on Twitter – and a welcome voice from the corporate side.

@amyruberg A college and career consultant who “gets it” – and shares it!

@AndyInNaples A true authority in the space; highly respected among career colleagues.

@AngelaMaiers Amazing blogger, educator and author with a focus on education and learning.

@animal You may not always like how his advice is delivered, but he is rarely wrong.

@AnneMessenger One of our favorites – a consistent contributor and giver on Twitter chats.

@askamanager Excellent advice for careerists of all ages and experience levels.

@bbenishek One of the best people on Twitter – and a source of incredible passion.

@BillBoorman Maybe the accent… but it seems everything Bill says is worth a listen.

@blogging4jobs Co-founder of #jobhuntchat, Jessica is highly approachable; the real deal.

@bob_firestone With a unique perspective, Bob has quickly become one of our favorites.

@BrazenCareerist The best career community online… period.

@CareerBliss Very enjoyable and valuable career advice, including insights by @RitikaTrikha.

@CareerBright A Silicon Valley job search expert (a real expert) and excellent blogger.

@careercoachtina More than an experienced college career counselor, a great contributor.

@careerdiva Always great stuff from this MSNBC columnist and “Top 10 Job Tweeter”.

@CareerRocketeer A career advice powerhouse as well as a great Linkedin group.

@careersherpa A perrenial favorite… always sharing, always giving (and really smart!)

@chattyprof A goldmine of information from the professor and education perspective.

@CoachJennie Audacity and moxie only begins to describe Coach Jennie; a true original!

@CornOnTheJob Rich’s #jobhuntchat is the best career chat on Twitter (and he’s a great guy).

@CyndyTrivella A career expert, co-moderator of #HFChat and always ready with a smile.

@dailymuse The terrific team at The Daily Muse offers the best in contemporary career advice.

@DanaLeavy A terrific combination: a career coach with an entrepreneurial mindset!

@David_Shindler David is the brain behind “Learning to Leap” – and becoming employable.

@DawnBugni We appreciate Dawn’s no-nonsense, supportive style – and you will, too.

@DawnRasmussen Always good information from one of our absolute favorites.

@debrawheatman A prolific blogger, a real pro – and a willingness to share quality content.

@digibloomwest A talent expert, amazing social media connector and a good soul.

@doostang Consistently great career blog, with a wide variety of expert contributors.

@dorothydalton We love Dorothy’s perspective… from the talent management point-of-view.

@DrJanice A firecracker who gets it… consistently funny, direct and articulate.

@emilybennington Blogger for Forbes, Monster and more; an amazing person and coach.

@EmilieMeck A wonderful coach and recruiter, Emilie is a constant presence on Twitter chats.

@Equals6Cares Perhaps the best career resource on Twitter you’ve never heard of (yet).

@ErinKennedyCPRW Among the “best of the best” in resume writing and career strategy.

@FindYour1stJob A champion for young professionals ready to jump into the workforce.

@gaylehoward Old-school advice in a no-nonsense style; the world needs that.

@Glassdoor Great blog – and great career info throughout their site and Twitter stream.

@Gradberry A terrific resource for early careerists, from internships to full-time work.

@GreatResume Some of the best resume and job search advice in the business.

@GuyDavis02 Such a refreshing outlook from a career center professional… kudos!

@HeatherEColeman A career/personal coach, speaker and advocate for those needing work.

@HeatherHuhman Heather is always focused and willing to help; a SoMe career pioneer.

@HireEffect A job search coach with a serious passion for networking – and delivering.

@interviewangel A tangible approach to the job search… and quite effective for many.

@InterviewIQ Australia’s most connected career blogger – always good stuff!

@IsaAdney A sincere voice – and an excellent resource for college and career success.

@JacobShare A highly respected job search expert and blogger; founder of JobMob.

@JeffWaldmanHR A pioneer in the use of social media in HR; founder of @SocialHRCamp.

@Jenny_Blake Jenny is a true original with an old soul, fresh voice and a good heart.

@jengresham A sincere voice in the career space – you won’t regret this follow!

@Jerry_Albright A member of the old-school “no-nonsense” club… well worth the listen.

@JMMuscarello John is a giving, informative job search resource for young professionals.

@JobHuntOrg One of the most respected career guides on Twitter… 4 stars.

@juliaerickson Expert advice on how to find a job you love, from someone who loves to help.

@justcoachit Irene is a great asset to the career and leadership communities on Twitter.

@jvpsaid Joey Price is a distinctive young voice in the HR blogging space… and a must follow.

@kbaumann and @CampustoCareer Always awesome contributions and counsel from Kirk.

@KevinWGrossman Co-founder of #TChat, blogger and communicator… we love Kevin’s style.

@LeaMcleod Lea offers expert advice for recent graduates and young pros; thumbs up!

@levyrecruits Founding member of the “no fluff” tribe; Steve gives it to you straight up.

@lindseypollak Simply the best… blogger, expert, speaker, author and Gen Y supporter.

@louise_fletcher Sure to help your job search with a unique style; great blogger.

@MaggieMistal A sincere and positive approach – a passionate breath of fresh air.

@markadyson We continue to be impressed by Mark’s knowledge and low-key style.

@MRGottschalk An excellent blogger and career expert; and now a LinkedIn influencer!

@megguiseppi For the more seasoned veteran or executive – and those who will be someday.

@MeghanMBiro Founder of Talent Culture and #TChat; a friend who gives back to many.

@myFootpath and @NoelRozny Noel tweets from both twitter accounts… follow both!

@OC_org Excellent career blog for everyone… not just online students.

@PhyllisMufson Focused on best practices and always willing to share!

@profkrg Saving the world “one idiot at a time” – we love Kenna’s style.

@Recruit4u Advice from the recruiter’s perspective told in a giving, helpful fashion.

@RecruitingBlogs This is where we learn how the other side of the interview table thinks.

@ResumeBear and @BobWarren One of the biggest networkers in the biz.

@ResumeDrEliz Passionate career advice doesn’t get better than Dr. ELiz… we love her!

@resumeservice A master resume expert, Rosa is also a great blogger and teacher.

@resumestrategy When you start a career transition (and you will), Karen’s great!

@SusanLaMotte One of the best; we love the diversity of Susan’s tweets and blogs.

@SusanWhitcomb She trains career coaches and runs a job search academy; ‘nuf said.

@sweetcareers A career center professional who “gets it”; great blog for students and grads.

@tedcoine This power influencer covers all things business, leadership and career.

@TEAL_NOIR Marcy is a terrific career strategist (and still has the best avatar on Twitter).

@TheJobQuest Melissa is a passionate career coach; she clearly cares about job seekers.

@theyec An entrepreneurial approach to mentorship, we learn something new every click.

@TimsStrategy Well worth the follow, Tim is an “in-the-trenches” career pro.

@tombolt Combines old-school knowledge with SoMe and technology – a real winner.

@UGSuccess A new voice in the career space destined to do great things.

@undercoverrec A popular career and recruiting blog; consistently great content.

@uwwinternships Laura’s influence goes beyond her UWW students; she shares and cares.

@ValueIntoWords A consistent contributor on Twitter – and an outstanding resume expert.

@wendyterwelp With a focus on networking as a primary job search tactic, Wendy is brilliant.

@westfallonline The national elevator pitch champion and author – and the real deal.

@WetFeet_Career A terrific resource for career advice with great authors!

@williamtincup A unique voice in the HR space… if you want to learn, you should listen.

@WomensAlly Diahann’s work goes beyond gender – such a great career resource.

We know our Indiana friends are active on Twitter. Share your Twitter handle in the comments section below.

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