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Frequently Asked Internship Questions

Do you have some unresolved questions about internships? Whether you’re a college student wondering if internships are the best next step for you – or you’re an employer curious about setting up an internship program at your organization, here is a compiled list of internship frequently asked questions with answers by our internship experts:

What is the point of interning?

Are internships truly a stepping stone into a full-time job?

I hear a lot of myths about internships. What are some truths?

I keep hearing about virtual internships. What are they all about?

Is there an age limit on who can intern?

How do I prepare for my internship?

How do I make the most of this experience?

How do I stay healthy at a desk job?

What to do if I make a mistake?

How does an introvert approach an extroverted workplace?

How are interns recognized in Indiana?

What do other interns have to say?

How can I guest blog?

If you still have questions that were not answered, feel free to leave a comment and our Indiana INTERNnet staff will be sure to provide you with the tools and resources you are looking for.

About Nour

Nour Sadek is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Indiana INTERNnet for the summer and fall of 2013. After completing her MBA through Anderson University's residential program in 2012, Nour is applying her business knowledge while expanding her marketing skills. Follow her on Twitter (@ns_sadek).
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