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Marketing Intern, Nour Sadek, with a Thanksgiving turkey cutout

The below freezing temperatures hint at the brewing winter and signal a string of holiday celebrations. Every November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Indiana with only the juiciest of roasted turkeys and the sweetest of pumpkin pies. As family and friends gather around the table, a sense of gratefulness fills the air almost competing with the blend of nutmeg and cinnamon. I find myself reflecting on the internship opportunity I have enjoyed with Indiana INTERNnet.

Grateful for the chance to gain work experience: Graduating with my MBA right after college, I had no experience in marketing. For the past 6+ months, I have learned how to manage social media accounts, design print and web materials, analyze website metrics and write content. My marketing internship has not only expanded my skill set but also provided me with relevant work experience.

Grateful to be building my portfolio with skills-focused projects: From publishing blog posts to managing a movie ticket giveaway, every day is filled with tasks that challenge my skills and stretch my abilities. You don’t even have to ask for my personal portfolio; my work has been published on the site and on social media. That’s the power of an internship.

Grateful to be mentored by an industry professional: It didn’t take me long to realize what a blessing it is to have Janet Boston as a mentor throughout my internship. Her vast marketing experience and insight help guide my work and my job search. I talk more about it in “No. 1 Perk of an Internship.”

Grateful to be constantly networking with leaders in my field: Whether I’m directly connecting with employers at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Awards Dinner or having breakfast with leading thinkers and movers at Twitter, Youtube and NPR, I am surrounded with countless opportunities to connect with marketing professionals.

Grateful to be part of a talented and supportive team: Finding the right organization and team fit is essential for an effective working environment. From the moment I joined Indiana INTERNnet, I could sense a vibe of collaboration and cohesion. I also got the chance to welcome another new member of the team as Ann joined us as the program manager in July. The harmony that exists among the staff easily translates on to the Board of Directors that continues to work diligently to expand awareness of internships as key in retaining Indiana’s top talent.

As I rest my fork on the emptied plate, I am overwhelmed by joy and thankfulness, by the moments I just shared and the people I share them with.

So, this Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for? I would love to hear about your #ThankfulIntern moments.

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About Nour

Nour Sadek is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Indiana INTERNnet for the summer and fall of 2013. After completing her MBA through Anderson University's residential program in 2012, Nour is applying her business knowledge while expanding her marketing skills. Follow her on Twitter (@ns_sadek).
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