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Spring has sprung. Finally!

After my battle with the winter weather, I couldn’t be more excited about spring. Besides enjoying the warmth, we all know that spring is a busy time with cleaning and making way for new things by getting rid of the old.

It’s also the time of the season where some college students will be graduating soon or closing in on the last day of their internship. If you’re like me, you are going through both of these. So, there’s no better time than now to start sprucing things up a bit for the job search. You know, spring clean it.

Where to start? What needs to be done? Here are some things we all can do.


Tidy up the résumé

Remove all of the unnecessary items. Make sure your résumé fits the position that you are applying for. And remember, no hiring manager wants to go through a sloppy résumé and cover letter. Each résumé and cover letter should be tailored specifically for the position.

I have gained many new skills through interning with Indiana INTERNnet that are valuable for my current job search, such as employer relations and social media management, specifically operating Hootsuite. I will be adding these new skills and removing some older ones that don’t really fit with my current career path.

Cover letter tip: Try to limit the use of “I”. You are selling what you are capable of, but remember to keep the employer in mind. The cover letter is to show how you meet the employer’s needs. Try to re-write sentences without “I”. You don’t want to come off arrogant.

Dust off the little black book

Are you lacking professional contacts in your little black book? I would advise you to go visit a career development professional at your school or reconnect with a professor. Your career service department is there to help you with your job search. They, along with professors in your academic department, have connections in the business world that could lead you to a job. See who they can introduce you to.

Stay organized

Where are you applying? Keep track of the positions you are applying for. It gets a little confusing since the majority of us apply to more than one position. I have a note book that I write down each position that I am applying for so I can keep track.

Another important tip to stay organized is knowing what you labeled the résumé you sent. Make sure you are sending out the correct résumé for that position.


Hopefully these tips will help you get your job search in tip-top shape. Once you land that interview, don’t forget to send a thank-you note within 24 hours of the interview.

Good luck!

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