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By now, the shine has worn off of many summer internships. The first week butterflies are gone, and the faces in the office are more familiar than fresh. As the days grow longer and warmer, it is prime time for motivation to wane. However, there are some easy ways to keep enthusiasm and productivity high when dragging yourself out of bed and into the office seems like a chore.

Review your goals: Chances are, you came into your internship with a list of skills you wanted to improve or tasks you wanted to accomplish. Assess how many of those goals you’ve reached and what you still need to do to finish the others. This will give you a sense of accomplishment in what you’ve done so far while inspiring you to reach for your remaining goals. Mid-internship reviews with your supervisor and mentor can also be a good time to reassess what you want to achieve during the rest of the summer.

Reward yourself: Big or small, sometimes a prize can serve as a motivator to finish a project or even just a tough week. When you finish a project, spend some time with friends at your favorite restaurant or use your weekend to get a pedicure. Small rewards will give you short-term satisfaction and increase long-term productivity.

Remind yourself of your skills: Chances are, you didn’t land your internship or job by showing the recruiter how lazy you are. It may help to look back at resume and see your accomplishments listed out. Past success can mirror future success, but every once in a while we all need to be reminded of that. This is also a good time to update your resume with the skills you have gained in your internship experience thus far.

Instead of using the heat of the summer as an excuse to drag your feet, spring forward with a renewed sense of vigor. Your internship or job is making a difference, and you will make a bigger impact in the long-run by staying upbeat and motivated.

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