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This is a guest blog by Macy Gentry, intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. Gentry is a senior at Marian University. 

I have had a great experience thus far at M&A, and I have learned so much in a short amount of time. This internship has opened my eyes to what recruiting is. I have read about recruiting in my text books, listened to a number of lectures in class and even have recruited a little myself, but I have never been in a true recruiting environment.

Looking back to just a few weeks ago, my whole understanding of recruiting has changed. I saw recruiting firms as the people that call and just ask if you need assistance filling positions, but I was wrong. Recruiting is so much more in depth and a lot more complicated and competitive than I could have imagined.

Just having a small part in the recruiting process at M&A has really opened my eyes to the industry and has made me appreciate what firms such as ours do for companies. We are not only helping individuals find employment, but helping companies in their search for a candidate that will hopefully benefit their company.

I will admit the first couple of weeks I was a bit overwhelmed. I did not know what to expect. Would I like this internship? Would it be different and exciting?

Going into my sixth week, I feel that this is going to be an internship that will be beneficial to me in the near future, both professionally and personally. I have already gained so much insight and knowledge. I learn something new each and every day I walk into the office. This experience is helping me in my journey to decide what I really want to do when I graduate. Do I want to recruit or am I more of a generalist? I do not have the answer yet, but this experience is definitely giving me a very in depth insight into the recruiting world and what all it entails.

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