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Many job and internship searches today begin at a computer. Whether it is following up with a recruiter from a career fair or sending a blind email after seeing a posting on a job board, chances are you’ll send your resume and cover letter via email.

Great Resumes Fast recently compiled a list of errors people make when sending their application information online. Be sure to avoid these costly mistakes to keep your email out of the trash folder.

  1. Don’t get attached: While it makes sense to attach both your resume and cover letter to an email, it’s likely that the recruiter will ignore your cover letter entirely. They’ll opt to view your resume only. Instead, copy and paste it to the body of your email below your message, where it’s much more accessible.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: Recruiters’ time is precious. Don’t waste it on unnecessary details. Include all of the information they ask for in the job posting but avoid superfluous personal details. This shows that you can take direction.
  3. Remember the essentials: Just because you may not be including a cover letter as an attachment does not mean you should avoid them indefinitely. Sending just your resume does little to explain your worth to a potential employer; use your cover letter to do that.
  4. Read directions first: Similarly, if an internship posting asks for a writing sample or your availability, don’t overlook them in your email. Potential employers will appreciate your attention to detail.
  5. Finish strong: Your closing is another great way to stand out among other job or internship applicants. According to Great Resumes Fast CEO Jessica Hernandez, the most memorable closing she’s seen is “Call today, don’t delay.” While this was a risky move, it paid off because the applicant had a strong email and resume.

Emails may seem like a quick form of communication, but it is important to keep them formal when speaking with recruiters. A well-crafted email is the first step toward a rewarding and meaningful internship experience.

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