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After long winter months and tough internships, spring break is finally here for college students. If your spring break has some built-in downtime, use it to learn a new skill and build your resumé.

Spruce up your resume during spring break

Intern Queen Lauren Berger has this advice for doing (a little!) work during spring break.

  1. Get Tech: There are many online outlets to learn tech skills outside of the classroom. Check out to learn basic HTML or CSS coding. If you took a technology class last semester, show what you’ve learned in the skills section of your resumé as well.
  2. Take an Externship: Spring break may be too short for a full-blown internship, but that does not mean you are out of options. Many companies host externships or job shadowing opportunities. Visit your school’s career center to find spring break openings in your area.
  3. Be Social: If you’ve always wanted to try a new social media platform or start a blog, spring break is a great time to do it. Link to these new sites on your resumé and online portfolio.
  4. Make It Official: There are many ways to get certified online in skills like Microsoft Office. You can also reach out to your local hospital to get CPR certified. Even if your hobbies are not directly applicable to your career goals, an official certification looks great on the interests section of your resumé.

Updating your resumé now can help you land a great summer or fall internship. If you had a winter job, this is the time to add your experience, as well as adding anything you’ve done thus far in 2015. For more of Lauren Berger’s tips, visit

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