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As you know, this time of year brings the chance to transform into someone or something else. To maintain course on the education and career front, however, there are some “spooky” behaviors that do not translate well in the workplace.

You’ve nailed the interview and landed the internship that will be vital to your education and future career. Now, it’s time to avoid turning the opportunity into a horror story. Based on Universal Studios’ classic monsters, these are the kinds of interns you don’t want to be.

Invisible Man

The Invisible Man intern: Being present is not enough. While on the job, strive to impress. One way to do this is by not displaying the bad temperament of the H. G. Wells character. Accept assignments with enthusiasm and offer your assistance regularly. Smiling while exchanging greetings with those you encounter in the workplace is also a good idea.


The Frankenstein intern: You may be young like this particular monster, but you cannot display immaturity by surfing your smart phone during a business meeting or streaming YouTube videos when you’re supposed to be working. Actions of this sort will likely lead to your early exit and thwart your plans of building a network of references to rely on post-graduation.

Wolf Man

The Wolf Man intern: You do not want to be the intern known as a great interviewee with a solid skill set on paper but a problem-causing nightmare while on the job. This type of intern is scary due to the distraction of coworkers and management from the organization’s mission. Professionalism is essential when trying to impress and gain knowledge through experiential learning.


The Dracula intern: Staying up all night and sleeping all day may work for Dracula and some warehouse and manufacturing jobs, but for many internships this behavior is unacceptable. Being punctual and alert because you got plenty of sleep and woke up on time is important for completing assigned tasks in a timely manner. In addition, proving you are dependable bolsters your image as a young and dedicated professional.

In conclusion, don’t be a horror story. Be a success story. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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