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The IMPACT Awards Employer of the Year is netlogx! We had a chance to interview one of the employees of netlogx, Sara Jones. Sara started as an intern with the organization and made her way to becoming a full-time consultant. She is a true story of a successful internship!


Indiana INTERNnet: What attracted you to intern at netlogx?

Sara Jones: When I started as an intern at netlogx, I did not have a very deep understanding of netlogx services, but I did know that netlogx was a growing small business with a great culture, which really appealed to me.

IIN: What learning experiences and projects did you have during your internship?

SJ: During my internship, I was able to take ownership of several internal administrative initiatives, but also was assigned part-time to a client project. Being part of the project team was incredibly valuable because it gave me the opportunity to gain real-world experience and see the day-to-day activities involved in netlogx projects.

IIN: How did your internship help you get to where you are today?

SJ: My internship gave me the opportunity to learn the business and begin building valuable skills. This helped me jump right in when I joined netlogx full-time after graduation and enabled me to continue my professional development.

IIN: What would you say to college students about the value of internships?

SJ: I would definitely encourage college students to pursue internships. Having real-world work experience is so helpful and internships are a great way to “learn by doing.”

IIN: What advice would you give a student getting ready to start their first internship to help them be successful?

SJ: Listen, learn as much as possible, do the very best job that you can, and look for opportunities to do new things.

IIN: Part of Indiana INTERNnet’s mission is talent retention. Why did you decide to live and work in Indiana?

SJ: I grew up in Indianapolis, so although I went to college in Ohio, I was happy to move back to be close to family. My husband and I enjoy living in Indy because it is a very affordable city and there is always something to do. We love going to Pacers games, trying new restaurants in Fountain Square, or just exploring downtown.


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