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Each April brings a lot of stress to college students. It signifies the approaching end of the spring semester. The characters of New Girl seem to understand the stress of college at this time of year.

Let’s be honest, a college student is usually stretched for time anyways. As finals are approaching, time becomes more strained. Trying to find a few minutes to eat can seem impossible. Just remember, food and water are essential to human life.


The spring semester brings prospective students to campus to tour the grounds and crowd the line at the coffee shop. If you’re in the thick of finals week, these fresh-faced young people may seem foreign to you. Just remember, you were once in the same position they are in, and one day they will be in yours.


shaking head
At some point, you’re going to realize what happens after graduation: adult life. This is a harsh reality some students choose to ignore. Someday, your week will involve working 40+ hours and wearing adult clothes (not sweats). If you need outfit inspiration, you could always look inside Jess’ closet.


no coffee
Caffeine is a necessity, and it can be catastrophic when you run out of it. At this point, you may be refilling your coffee pot or tea kettle multiple times a day. Don’t be like Jess and run out of coffee/tea. There’s always a coffee shop or gas station that will have your fix.


looks good
Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You’ve run out of time/patience while working on a project and say to yourself, “Looks good to me.” You could take it to another level by calculating your overall grade and how much you can slack off an assignment. “If I get a C on this project, I can still pass the class.” You’ll be much better off doing the assignment to the best of your abilities and aiming for A’s.


You’ve been on a roll working on an assignment, and then someone sends you Snapchat. Thirty minutes go by and you’re stuck in the procrastination zone. Once you’ve realized how much time you’ve lost your reaction might be similar to Jess’. There are many distractors in our lives that prevent us from staying on task, even if we’re on a deadline. Just remember, graduation is right around the corner.


The end of the semester is here! Students can have mixed emotions about graduation. You may feel happy and ready to move on to the next step. Graduating is a huge accomplishment and you should feel proud.


On the other hand, you may feel sad and not ready to move on. You could be sad about not seeing your friends in class every week, or being able to wear yoga pants to biology class. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s perfectly acceptable to feel a range of emotions.

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