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Internships aren’t just for gaining real-world experience in your desired field. They are more than just programs to receive college credit, too.

Interns have an especially advantageous position within a company that has potential to turn into a full-time offer. It’s best for interns and employers to sit down at the beginning of their experience to discuss some goals they wish to accomplish with each other. If full-time employment is a possibility at the end of the internship, interns can treat their 10-12 weeks as an ongoing interview. Here is some more advice on how you can be remembered as the rock star intern who turned into their next full-time employee.

  • Be dependable. Employers want to see that you are arriving on time to work, successfully hitting your deadlines, and ready to help out whenever needed. Pay attention to detail and do your work consistently well.
  • Network with your co-workers. Take time out of your busy day to meet established employees in the company. Sometimes the best connections are only a few cubicles away, so be proactive in meeting other professionals and discussing their role and responsibilities.
  • Become indispensable. Create a place for yourself in your office where you can take on new projects and prove your value to your boss. Help others without expecting anything in return, be honest and be flexible. Your talents will shine through!
  • Show your potential. Go beyond performing the daily tasks assigned to you. If you are eager to learn about new projects or new aspects of the company, say so. Continually push yourself to higher standards.
  • Be memorable. Don’t spend your entire internship under the radar just because you aren’t in a higher leadership position. Step outside of your comfort zone, show up to company functions, and make friends. Other employees would be happy to work with you full-time once they became familiar with who you are.


Many companies with exceptional internship programs are eager to see the potential and growth of their interns throughout their experience. Show your employer that you’re more than just a fresh face for the summer, and finish your internship strong. You will emerge as an exceptional learner who’s ready to take on more responsibility. Good luck!

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