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“So, what are your plans after graduation?”

This is easily one of the most dreaded questions college graduates try to avoid answering once they walk across that stage and finally receive their diploma. After four (perhaps more) years of grueling hard work, packed extracurricular schedules, exams and a few parties here and there, graduates are expected to jump into the job market and pursue their passions they developed on campus. But finding an answer to that question doesn’t have to be worrisome. It can be quite exciting and fulfilling! Take it from me.

The best resource I found that helped me answer this question was right there under my nose. Thanks to the IU Career Development Center on campus, they served as a supportive portal for students of every major. Their recourses stretch across numerous services including career advising, facilitating internship and job fairs, tips on cover letter and resume writing, professional networking and more. This office and their staff helped me organize my hopes, dreams and ideas of my future into a working plan that I could achieve after graduation.

In addition to university’s career services, alumni associations can be a great place to seek extra help. By creating and
maintaining professional networks established by past alumni, these associations are a fabulous way to give back to your alma mater. Alumni Associations, like IU’s network of more than 600,000 graduates, provide resourses that connect undergrads with alumni to enhance their relations and provide professional help. Alumni who work for employers around the country, even around the world, are the best recruiting tools to have. They represent the ongoing success achieved within academia and also within their profession. Furthermore, students tend to share the same values and desires with their school and alumni, which enables better networking practices and talent acquisition.

alumni cycle

These are only a handful of reasons why university career services and alumni relations make a perfect match, both in aiding undergraduate students and alumni. Together, these services have a vast amount of recourses at hand to provide any student with comprehensive support. There is no doubt in my mind that once you utilize these services, the answer to that dreaded question will come much easier.


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