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Pete Mackin is a public relations and marketing intern with the Crossroads of America Council (CAC), Boy Scouts of America (BSA). He plans to graduate from Butler University in August.

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While I don’t have a particularly strong background in Scouting, I have worked with several youth organizations throughout high school and undergrad that made the transition to this position a little easier.

As part of my duties here at the council, I have the opportunity to assist in planning and execution of the upcoming fall recruitment of new scouts. It is very exciting to be involved in growing Scouting’s membership throughout central Indiana. Though I have only been here a little over a month, it is easy to see the positive impact Scouting can have on the lives of youth, and I hope that my efforts lead to more youth being exposed to the great lessons scouting teaches.

The best example I’ve witnessed so far on Scouting’s positive impact was at the annual Cookout on the Circle that CAC and Marsh hosted on a June afternoon on Monument Circle. As part of my duties for the day, my supervisor and I handled TV outlets as they were looking for Scouts and personalities to interview. All of the Scouts who were interviewed were FANTASTIC. They all raved about not only the fun adventures they had on Scouting trips, but also the great friends they had made too!

Witnessing how passionate the youth were about Scouting really illustrated to me how important my efforts as an intern are to help ensure that as many youth as possible are exposed to all that Scouting has to offer.

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