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The path to finding a career winds through many twists and turns, before it brings passionate and successful purpose into your life. Everyone sets out on this path with a distinct plan about how they envision their future. But to their amazement, where they end up is far from where they started. Maybe you didn’t get your dream job right after graduation and didn’t move across the country like you planned. Don’t give up! Remember that your journey is your own. Different opportunities will present themselves along the way, maybe in the form of part-time jobs or a chance to volunteer. It’s important to know how these different jobs can help you realize your full potential and lead you to a fulfilling career, no matter how laboring it may seem. You should know when to move on and challenge yourself for something greater. There is a distinct difference between a job and a career. It’s your choice to pursue what you deem worthy of your time and mental energies. If you can relate, maybe it’s time to change that job to a career. Choose wisely!



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2 Responses to Job vs. Career: The Choice is Yours

  1. bill morris says:

    thank you for posting this article as I found it valuable in reading it this morning – I think a lot of people and kids getting out of college are looking for job instead of looking for a career more long term they’re curious learning about.

    • Erika Johantges says:

      Thank you for your comment! I agree, its just so important these days to understand the difference between the two. Setting long term goals can be daunting and challenging, but most often we reap the greatest reward!

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