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It’s that time of year again. Leaves are starting to fall and there’s a cold bite in the morning air. The sunny days are dwindling as our nights get longer and darker. While your friends are looking for a costume of Harley Quinn and that girl from Stranger Things (where’s my Eggo?), you are spending Halloween alone at home preparing for a job interview. What a terrifying sight! But don’t you fear, we’ve mapped out the top five interview horrors to avoid and come out of the interview alive (and employed)!

1. Surely you thought making a pit stop at McDonalds before your interview was a great idea, but now your pressed shirt is covered in ketchup. Or is that blood?


2. You got lost in the company building and can’t find where you’re supposed to go. The email said room 666 in Building B, but you’re only seeing rooms 665 and 667. Now, this is feeling more like a trek through a haunted house…


3. Ok, don’t panic. You finally found the right room. As you are waiting for the interview, you reach into your bag, but wait…no fancy piece of paper. Where’s your resume?! You forgot to bring it in from your car, because you were too busy gobbling down McDonalds. How will you survive?!


4. Stay calm and just pray the interviewer has a copy of your resume. You finally see the interviewer walk toward you for a greeting. Low and behold, you forget his name. “Hello, err…Mark. Nice to finally meet you!” He replies, “My name is Gregg.”



Congratulations, you have survived the first interview! You answered those tough questions with ease, but now you have the meet the CEO. Just keep clam, and remember you’ve been practicing your firm handshake all week. Good luck!


We hope you heed the warnings from these top five interview horrors and are better prepared for your next interview! Happy Halloween!

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