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Lauren Berger is changing the game when it comes to connecting and engaging young professionals with career development and internship opportunities across the country. She is not only the CEO and founder of her multi-faceted brand, Intern Queen, but is also a national best-selling author, public speaker, and “arguably the most in-demand career and internship expert.”  She also has a new self-titled site,, where you can find anything from career tips, entrepreneurial training and even fashion advice.

Back in 2009, Berger realized there was a great need for a more personalized way to connect students with internship opportunities so they could have a better chance of landing their dream job and creating a fulfilling professional life for themselves.

For these reasons, it’s clear why the Indiana INTERNnet team was thrilled to host a question and answer session here at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. We  invited local interns from multiple organizations for an exciting morning of networking and discussing the best ways to propel their careers. Interns from Baldwin & Lyons, Hendricks County Community Foundation, Crossroads of America Council BSA, received some amazing internship advice from Berger. Among the many pearls of wisdom she shared that day, we’d like to highlight an acronym that could change the way you handle professional contacts and stay in touch with your connections. Take notes and remember this tool when you meet your next internship coordinator or business executive!

Ralph Called Taylor a Flirt

Ralph – Recognize when you meet a professional contact.

Called – Connect within 24 hours of meeting them through email and social media sites (LinkedIn, FB, etc.)

Taylor – Track the company or person, and keep current on any news surrounding them. Pro tip: Set up Google Alerts to notify you every time the person or company is mentioned in a news article.

A –    Add value. Relationships are a two-way street. Be sure to make it mutually beneficial for both parties.

Flirt – Follow up with your professional contacts 3 times a year. This way you stay relevant and fresh in their mind, which could prove to be beneficial if you need them for job advice or career opportunities.







We hope you find this advice helpful to develop your professional networks with ease. We’d like to thank Baldwin & Lyons for sponsoring this event and providing an amazing breakfast for our guests. And we would like to send a huge thank you to Lauren Berger for all she does!


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