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Autumn brings many things, but more importantly it brings college final-exams and football games. While the connection between college students and NFL players may seem stretched, both feel the pressure to perform their best and succeed. NFL players are portrayed as aggressive and mean, however there are many other emotions they experience that college students can relate to their upcoming final exams.


Preparing for Finals

College exams sneaking up on you, like:

Don’t let your final exams hit you in the face (so-to-speak) like this NFL player. Pay attention to the dates in your class syllabi and plan ahead. By scheduling time to study weeks before your exam, you’ll be more prepared and score those extra points on the test.

When you try to form a study group with your classmates, and it doesn’t go well.

When they work, study groups are a great way to prepare for upcoming exams. Many students have crazy schedules, and it might be difficult to find a coordinating time for everyone. To combat this, use a scheduling tool (like Doodle Poll) and find a time that works well for all. Don’t get your hopes up, like this NFL player, only to be let down by your peers. If you’re having trouble finding a convenient time, search for alternative ways to meet with your group (Facetime, Skype, phone, etc.).


Taking the Test

When you can choose which essay question you want to answer, but didn’t study any of the options.

Many professors will provide study guides to help you prepare for the exams, however it’s not an exact copy of the exam. There will most likely be questions on the exam that aren’t on the study guide, and if you aren’t prepared it may seem useless to have a choice. Avoid the disappointment that this NFL player is experiencing by studying materials that aren’t on the study guide.

Weekend Exams

This is something that most students despise. Weekends are supposed to be fun and careful, not filled with anxiety caused by a statistics final exam. While this may not be very often, because professors enjoy their weekends as well, it can still happen. Try not to overact like this NFL coach and just accept that you’ll have to lose a few hours on a Saturday. Enjoy the rest of the day by doing a fun activity (or studying for your next exam).


Reviewing the Results

When your exam grade is MUCH lower than you anticipated.

You turned in your exam feeling confident that you passed with flying colors, until you get your grade back…This could take your confidence level way down, just like the football this NFL player threw. Just remember that no one aces every exam, every time. If you have any questions about your grade, politely ask your professor to go over your exam with you. This may not change your grade, but you can gain clarity on what you did incorrectly.

When you did well on an exam, but your fellow classmates did not.

Congratulations on your grade! While your friends may not have done so well, you should still feel proud of yourself. That doesn’t mean you get to openly brag about your awesome test-taking abilities, and put others down for their misgivings. Be modest and gracious, we’ve all been in their position, and one day roles can be reversed.


End of the Semester

Hooray, the semester is over! Hopefully, you’ve already scheduled your classes and have an internship lined up for spring. If you haven’t found an internship yet, there are many opportunities still available on Have a wonderful winter break!






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