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As final papers, projects, exams and fall internships come to an end, students are left feeling an odd combination of relief and exhaustion. Take time during winter break to relax and decompress. Here’s a list of some soothing activities to leave you feeling recharged and ready for the spring semester:

1. Catch up with family and friends
If you go back to your hometown during winter break, plan an activity to catch up with old friends. Spend time baking with your grandparents, or catch a movie with your siblings. It can be difficult to coordinate plans between breaks, so savor the time you have at home.

2. Read a book
Find a cozy spot, grab some hot cocoa and read something that isn’t required for class. The New York Times compiled a list of the top 10 books from 2016

3. Sleep
After I finished my finals, I looked something like this:

Those late nights spent studying and finishing up papers can catch up to you. Take advantage of stress-free sleep during winter break. If you live in your university’s dorms and you’re returning home, savor the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.

4. Treat yo’ self

Get a massage, go on a shopping spree, eat at an expensive restaurant. Do something nice for yourself because you’ve worked hard, and you deserve it. Celebrate the end of a semester and all your accomplishments.

5. Go on a walk
Did you know that Indiana’s State Parks remain open throughout the winter? If there’s snow on the ground, bundle up and bring a sled with you. Many of the parks have great sledding hills! If you don’t live near a park, explore your hometown. Just go outside and get some fresh air. Just get out and get some fresh air.

6. Do absolutely nothing
Even if it’s for 30 minutes, take the time to simply lounge around. During finals, life can feel like it’s moving in hyper-speed. After you’ve submitted your last paper and turned in your final exam, revel in the stillness of downtime during winter break.

What do you plan on doing this winter break? Share below !

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