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When I think of first impressions, I often think of face-to-face communication. However, first impressions happen every day on (IIN)! When you apply to internships on IIN, employers utilize your resume, cover letter and your student profile to see if you’ll make a great fit. If you don’t apply to internships on the site, employers are still able to view your profile and resume. With all of these opportunities to stand out, there shouldn’t be any excuse to leave your IIN profile bare!

When you apply to an internship without completing your profile or attaching your resume, employers have to reach out to ask for more information. That takes time, so sometimes employers completely ignore those applicants.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you…complete your profile! Here are some steps to make your profile stand out:

In your dashboard, click “Manage Your Profile”

Verify that the information in the “Profile” tab is correct.
Use the email address you want employers to contact you by. If you have a personal web site or blog, add the link. If you’d like, save your number and opt-in to receive text message alerts for your saved searches.

Complete the “Education” tab.
Select which industry and/or job category you are interested in. Be sure to include your GPA, major and institution as employers can search for applicants with this criteria.

Select relevant skills you possess in the “Skills” tab.
The skills you select generate automated internship matches that can be found in your workspace. These are internships that require similar skills. Employers can view automated intern matches in their workspace, so that’s another opportunity for you to stand out!

Complete the “Objective” and “Experience” fields in the “Resume” tab.
If you need help writing a clear objective, check out these tips. Use the “Experience” text box to highlight some, or all, of your relevant work experience. When employers click on your profile, they are able to see what you’ve written in those fields.

Upload your resume and any other relevant files.
Along with your resume, you’re able to upload portfolio pieces like graphic design projects, pamphlets and research papers. Employers are able to look at these files when they view your profile.

Remember to proofread before saving your profile. There is nothing worse than a glaring typo on your resume. After you click “Save,” that’s it! Your IIN profile is complete, and you’re on your way to make an outstanding first impression.


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