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Madison Stis was nominated for the 2017 IMPACT Awards for her outstanding work at her internship with the Indiana State Fair Commission. After her Employment Office internship, she was hired as a full-time assistant manager of human resources. Stis graduated from Indiana University with a major in health administration and a minor in human resource management.

Indiana INTERNnet: Describe your internship with The Indiana State Fair (ISF). What was the most valuable experience?

Madison Stis: My internship at the ISF was the best experience I could’ve had. I was shown major aspects of human resources in a very short time period and received excellent hands-on experience. Mark Anderson, the director of human resources at the ISF, really helped me grow and realize human resources was the field I wanted to pursue. The most valuable experience I had at the ISF was the ability to hire and schedule the employees for the Fair. In a little under two months, I was responsible for hiring and scheduling roughly 1,200 employees. I am so happy that I was hired on so I can do it all again this summer.

IIN: What’s your favorite part about working at the Fair?

Stis: My favorite part about working at the Fair would be the people. Everyone that works here is very upbeat and positive. My other favorite part would be the food, of course. The Fair food is incredible and I am so excited to see what food we will have this year.

IIN: Have you participated in an internship prior to the ISF?

Stis: Yes, I had an internship for two years at a dental office. I was the office administration intern, where I learned about the health care field. It was because of this internship that I decided to apply for human resources internships. Health care was never a passion of mine and I wanted to try something new.

IIN: You were a 2017 IMPACT Awards nominee! What was your reaction when you found out that you were nominated?

Stis: I was ecstatic. It felt nice to know that all my hard work had paid off and that my supervisor thought to nominate me!

IIN: How were you offered a full-time position at the ISF? Did you have to apply and/or interview?

Sits: I was notified in February that the position was available and made it known to my supervisor that I was interested. After showing my interest, I went through two interviews. About two days after my second interview, I was offered the job and accepted it. I consider myself to be very blessed to be able to come back and work for the best company.

IIN: What are your long-term career goals?

Stis: My long-term career goals are to work my way up in the human resources field. I hope to one day be the director of human resources for an organization.

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