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Moira Keating is a human resources marketing/employee engagement intern at Milliner & Associates. She will graduate from Marian University in December 2018. 

National Staffing Employee Week was one of the most exciting weeks in my working career thus far! This special occasion was celebrated September 18, 2017 – September 22, 2017, and was my first time meeting my company’s employees and clients. Milliner & Associates (M&A) was super excited to show appreciation for our #StaffingStars (I used that hashtag a lot the past week!). National Staffing Employee Week was a huge learning opportunity for me as well.

Since beginning my internship with M&A, I have learned an infinite amount of information regarding the staffing industry. Once this internship started, it has been a whirlpool of information regarding such a fast-growing industry. Staffing is projected to reach $142.4 billion in revenue, and that is no surprise considering how thrilling and diverse the industry can be! Being surrounded by professionals who are so passionate about staffing is one of the best learning experiences I could have wished for.

Throughout the week, I had my first “out of the office” experience with our employees and clients. It was the first time I took my work home with me. If someone says social media isn’t a full-time job, they are mistaken. It is time consuming because you need to find the perfect wording, as well as double check, then triple check yourself! It is not the place to make mistakes. I find social media rewarding though! There is something so satisfying about seeing the favorites, likes and comments pour in.

While managing our social media accounts, I had the opportunity to ask over twenty employees questions about their experiences as staffing employees. There were zero negative comments, which made me optimistic about my future as a HR professional. Seeing people that are so happy with the results of their staffing job is awesome and, in my opinion, that all starts with who places them. I already knew the people I work with at Milliner & Associates were awesome, but now I have even more reason to look up to them professionally!

The highlight of my National Staffing Employee Week was being able to communicate with our #StaffingStars in person! Some of my coworkers and I paid visits to fifteen clients and over thirty employees this week. We hand delivered an M&A tumbler full of mints to thank these hard workers for choosing us to help with their job search! Meeting the employees, as well as our client contacts, was a fun experience. Making these visits with some talented recruiters reassured my interest in the recruiting and staffing firm!

These trips took me to every area of Indianapolis you can think of. I saw how companies work on the North, South, East and West sides. I visited law firms, technology companies, food and drink distribution companies, schools, gyms and more. One of the major things I learned  is that culture is so important. There were some places I would walk out of and quite literally say, “I would love to work there!” Then, there were places I couldn’t see myself working at. Every company was different and if I had one piece of advice after this experience, it would be to check out a company’s culture before you agree to work there. Research the company and possibly talk to more than one person who works for the company. There are so many interesting places to work.

National Staffing Employee Week was one of the greatest learning opportunities of my life. Before starting my internship, I knew nothing about staffing, but now I think it is an industry in which I would love to work.  The fast-paced learning environment is my way of learning. From what I witnessed, staffing brings something different to the table each day. If you haven’t heard of staffing or want to know more, you can contact me directly at It would definitely be beneficial to check out the American Staffing Association “ASA” website which can be found at

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