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As spring internships begin to wrap up, one of the most important things  you can do before departing is to record your supervisor’s, mentor’s, fellow co-workers’, etc. contact information. The connections  you make during your internship can become extremely valuable down the line.

But collecting contacts isn’t enough. You have to actually stay in touch with them! The Intern Queen recommends reaching out to your professional contacts at least three times per year. This will help ensure that your connections remain strong.

Use these email examples if you’re struggling to figure out what to say:


“A good network is like a garden – if you want it to thrive, you have to put in a little effort.”


You notice your connection accomplished something


I happened to  see on LinkedIn that you received a promotion! Congratulations! What does your new role entail? I’d love to take you out for coffee or lunch to celebrate.  Let me know when you’re free.

This email is a great way to let your connection know that you’re still following  his or her success, and  are happy for them. Also, this scenario offers an excellent opportunity to get together in person to celebrate.

You accomplish something


I hope all is well! I wanted to let you know that I just received a promotion! My new title is (INSERT TITLE). Thank you so much for the valuable skills you taught me during my internship. The experiences I had at (INSERT COMPANY) helped pave the way to where I am today.

If you succeed, you definitely want to share it! It’s important to let your connection know what you achieved while also expressing gratitude for the role he or she may have played in your success.

You just want to catch up


How are things going? If you’re free in the next couple of weeks, would you  like to grab coffee or lunch? It’s been so long since we’ve had the chance to chat, and I’d love to hear about what’s new with you and (INSTERT COMPANY NAME).



How are things going? Is anything new happening with you or (INSERT COMPANY)? I’m finishing up my spring semester at (INSERT SCHOOL) and getting ready to start my internship with (INSERT NEW COMPANY).

Sometimes schedules may not allow for an in-person meeting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. Send a brief email to your connections asking about themselves and their company while providing a small update about your life.

Let these email templates serve as inspiration. Feel free to customize them and make them your own, but don’t forget to send them! A good network is like a garden – if you want it to thrive, you have to put in a little effort.

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