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“State of Change” is a documentary that aired Sept. 6 on WFYI. For those who missed it (it’s now available online), the film follows three Indiana students – Shannon, Dengke and Jaedyn – as they take a road trip around the state, interviewing different professionals in some of Indiana’s leading industries. Each student comes from a unique background and has questions about their future that they’re looking to answer.

It shows a time many know well, whether you’re a high school or college student; an entry-level or seasoned professional. The transition from graduating high school to entering college and charting the path for your future can be a difficult one.

The three featured students: Shannon, Dengke and Jaedyn.

Three Indiana students navigate the state and their futures in “State of Change.”

The interviews led to valuable lessons: the path to your ideal career doesn’t have to be linear, a career field’s work might differ from your assumptions and the importance of interacting with a variety of people in a field you’re considering. One of the most common reactions from the students after interviewing a professional was “I didn’t know I could do things that way.” They had presuppositions of what the “ideal path” for their future looked like.

This type of assumption is why it is so crucial for professionals to share their stories, and for students to explore the knowledge of those in their potential field. But how do professionals find the best way to share their experiences? How do students research the advice of those working in a field they might study?

This is where Share Your Road comes in.

Share Your Road

The site was created for professionals to share the “road” of how they got to where they are today. It then serves as a resource to students to expose them to a variety of experiences and help them find their own way.

To share your story, you simply create a profile on the website. You answer basic questions about your education, your occupation, work life, milestones, accomplishments and challenges. It allows you to give in-depth responses in some categories and give recommendations. Additionally, the platform is tailored to those in Indiana, so students will find content that’s relevant to their environment.

Why Use It?

You may not think your story matters for a student, but it does. Each person has a unique set of circumstances that led them to where they are today. You might have experiences that could help a student make decisions about their future.

As for students, don’t hesitate to use Share Your Road. The incredible thing about the site is that while many mentors you meet in life might give you general advice, you can view someone’s exact path that led them to their career, and what the daily life of that career looks like – information that’s nearly impossible to find on your own.

“State of Change” shows that Indiana cares about its next generation. It is a bustling state of activity and innovation. If we can provide each other the resources to learn, and to shape Indiana’s future, why wouldn’t we?

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