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If you’re attending school in Indiana, you’re probably thinking about what your future plans are. When I attended Butler University, it always sounded like everyone wanted to go somewhere else after graduation…New York, California, Washington D.C., and so on. I think part of the reason why people want to move somewhere else after graduation is because they aren’t aware of everything Indiana has to offer. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth it to stay in Indiana.

Indiana has the best of both worlds.

In 2016, a study of the best housing markets for millennials came with a catch – the cities with the best housing markets had almost no jobs to offer, and the best job markets meant higher housing costs. Cheap housing usually goes hand in hand with poor job markets. However, Indianapolis made the list of the top 10 most affordable metro areas for cost per square foot for homes and ranked second on the list of the best job markets for college grads. Indianapolis was the only city that made it on both lists.

This could give you a huge financial break.

We’ve all read articles and posts online about how millennials and younger generations are living in their parents’ basements, can’t afford houses, and struggle with their finances. While I don’t think this is a fair assessment, housing can be difficult to tackle, making home ownership increasingly unattainable. But the previously mentioned study shows an opportunity for a wise fiscal decision, as with lower housing costs and a great job market, you’ll start your post-college adulthood on the right foot.


I'm an adult

Adulthood means more financial responsibility, and looking at job/housing markets. Indianapolis excels in both!

There are opportunities for anything here.

Indiana has a wide variety of industries. Despite what people might think, the state isn’t just home to corn, soybeans, and limestone! Farming might have a presence in Indiana, but there’s so much more. Indiana is home to many tech startups, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical innovators, and manufacturing companies. Internationally recognized companies like Roche, Amazon, and Lilly chose Indiana as an ideal site for their operations. No matter what you go to college for, Indiana has something for you.


dog driving tractor indiana

Farming isn’t the only thing Indiana is good at!

There’s always something to do.

There’s something great about a state that can give you the perks of a smaller-town feel with a city environment. There are lots of interesting finds here, and with so many small businesses it ensures you always have a unique experience. There’s breweries and wineries, so many great restaurants, architecture, state parks, and sports. Some people in other states might joke about Indiana, but no one seems to complain once the Indy 500 or Gen Con rolls around and we get a massive amount of visitors!

If you’re still not sure…

If you’re still don’t know if you’ll stay in Indiana, consider trying an internship or two! It’s a great way to get a feel for what a certain industry or profession is like and help shape your future while gaining professional experience. Indiana INTERNnet lists internships that are all over the state, so no matter where you are, we can help!

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