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Now is the time when we start thinking about what we’re thankful for, and why. In this post, the Indiana INTERNnet team reflects on what we’re thankful for in our careers.


Allison Kuehr

I am thankful for my fantastic coworkers. I’m fortunate to enjoy what I do, but I’m even more fortunate to love the people I work with. During my time with Indiana INTERNnet, I’ve made some great friends and mentors. They’re always there to celebrate achievements and birthdays, share a laugh or dish some advice. As I’m still in the beginning stages of my career journey, it’s nice to have an amazing in-office support system guiding me and cheering me on along the way.





Caitlyn Beck

I’m so thankful for my amazing job and my colleagues. I’ve heard so many horror stories of how people dislike their first job out of college, and I’m lucky to not be one of those people. I’m also thankful that Indiana INTERNnet took a chance on me and hired me! I’m proud to work alongside the other INTERNnet staff members, as they not only have an enthusiasm for their work, but they are genuinely good people too.






Mark Lawrance

I am grateful for the opportunity to help others through my work. As I wind down my career at the Indiana Chamber (and Indiana INTERNnet), there are many colleagues and stakeholders who want to move Indiana forward in many ways. I am thankful for them.
There is so much potential for our state and Indiana’s general direction has great positive momentum. It takes great, hardworking people who care about their community and state to achieve this. Our state fortunately does not have nearly as much acrimony that we see at the national level and I am grateful for that as well.




Mike Slocum

I am thankful that my college mentor encouraged me to be a summer intern during college. My time working for another university set my career path in motion, leading to this opportunity at Indiana INTERNnet. I’m also thankful for the extra opportunities I had to learn new skills outside of whatever job I had at the time. It was extra work, but becoming a versatile employee allowed me opportunities for advancement. Always take on that extra project if you can; you’ll be thankful later!







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