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Interns actually have a pretty stressful job! They’re navigating what’s usually their first experience in their desired career. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and once they’re approaching the end of their internship it might feel a little awkward for the both of you! But instead of letting things peter out on a halfhearted note, use one of these gifts for your intern to tell them thank you! If you have an unpaid intern, I would seriously recommend giving them a gift. Not only did they use valuable time to work for you, they did it without pay!

I feel as though gifts for your intern are easier than giving gifts to a coworker or boss. They’re just starting out on their own, and don’t have a lot, especially if they’re unpaid!

Gifts for Your Intern

1. When you want to get them something useful, but not completely boring: a bubble wrap calendar.

bubble wrap calendar gifts for your intern

Keep track of the date and pop bubble wrap? Yes please. Get it on Amazon for $24.95.

2. Treat them to lunch.

Lunch is always a great option, and not just because students love free food. Treating your intern to lunch gives you some time to ask them about what their next steps are once the internship ends. You can provide some mentorship and guidance from your own personal experiences!

3. For the intern who needs caffeine to survive: a travel coffee/tea press.

travel press gifts for your intern

It’s double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and works for both tea and coffee. Get it from Amazon for $26.95. If you’re not sure if this aligns with their coffee habits, get them a simple travel mug and a Starbucks gift card instead!

4. When your intern is constantly improving: a book to help them grow.

motivational book gifts for your intern 52 lists project

How to Win Friends & Influence People is a tried and true collection of advice. When I first read this, it honestly helped me through a lot of situations in college! Find it at Target for $16.00. If you’re worried they might not want to read an extra book while they have so much to read in school, try The 52 Lists Project. It’s a weekly journal, where every week has you make a list to help you through your journey of learning more about yourself. Get it at Target for $11.89.

5. For the intern who is always taking notes: a custom leather notebook.

custom journal

Customize it with their name and an inspiring message! Also, you have the option for the seller to send you a preview of it before they send it to you, that way you get exactly what you want! Find it on Etsy for $20.99 (with free shipping)!

6. For the future executive: custom stationery.


It’s never too early to teach the importance of a handwritten thank you note. It’s customized with their name and you can choose the color of the envelopes. Get a set of 20 (available in larger or smaller quantities) from Etsy for $25.00 with free shipping.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to fill an internship, use Indiana INTERNnet!

Happy gifting!

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