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If you’re a student, you’ve still got time to apply for summer internships on Indiana INTERNnet, and if you’re an employer, this is still a good opportunity to post your internship! It’s better to start late than never.


It’s a common assumption that by this time, it’s too late to start searching for a summer internship. It’s not! There are still over a thousand open internship positions on our site! Additionally, many employers procrastinate (just like students do). We still have employers posting summer internships every day.

But you do need to move quickly! Head to your school’s career services office and ask someone to look over your resume and make sure you impress employers. Brush up on your interview skills and gather any relevant work pieces from your classes that highlight your skills (like writing samples, design pieces, etc.).


Many students have final exams and projects to worry about and end up putting off their internship search until the semester is nearly over. Summer internships have the largest pool of applicants, as the majority of students are on break and have large amounts of free time. Think about moving your fall internship position up to summer!

If you haven’t posted your internship on Indiana INTERNnet yet, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it now! Our site is completely free for you to use, and gives you access to over 8,000 potential applicants.

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One Response to Students and Employers: It’s not too Late for Summer Internships!

  1. Trimia says:

    I got this email about summer internships and I would be delighted if I knew more information.

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