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Hello everyone, my name is Dei’Marlon Scisney, but most people know me as “D.” I am from Evansville, Indiana and I am a rising junior from Wabash College. I am currently working towards a Biology major with English, Spanish, and Chemistry minors.

This will allow me to attend medical school after graduation, but life and experience could always steer me in a different direction. Like the Greek medical genius Hippocrates, medicine/healthcare is the temptress of my mind. Furthermore, with my desire to be an advocate for social, political, and economic issues, this internship in Government Affairs at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, in a way, found me.

Already, I’ve felt so welcomed which has made for a smooth transition into this internship. There is most definitely a purpose or motive behind getting involved with an initiative and being unified for a specific cause, which means, understanding how to be comfortable, being uncomfortable. Wabash emphasizes making well-rounded individuals who can create a positive change within the world, no matter what profession they decide to pursue.

I currently serve as the Chairman for Diversity and Inclusion Committee on Wabash’s executive committee, reside as treasurer for the Events committee, sh’OUT, and Wabash Democrats, and am a Writing Consultant. With my solidified understanding of financial support gained throughout my educational experience from Wabash and professional background—as well as my overall abilities developed through the Senate and team collaboration—I believe the opportunity provided by the Government Affairs team, will aid in furthering my knowledge and skills, in regards to finance, healthcare, and interpersonal development.

My journey at Wabash has put me that closer to my goal/initiative to make a difference in people’s lives, challenged with social unrest.  For example, last summer I went to Perú for a Global health immersion course and this summer I was given the opportunity to go to Taiwan with my Glee Club for an international singing tour. Advocacy and initiative are qualities that I stand true to, and much of the knowledge, skills, and connections I will gain here will be everlasting. I’m delighted to have been chosen for this fantastic opportunity and am excited to meet new people along the way.

I am looking forward to working with the Government Affairs team, as their first intern, and having the ability to gain insight into social issues that could have a lasting effect on my generation.

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