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With this being my first professional job, I have never had to experience the struggle that is the nine to five routine. It was an extremely hard task for the first couple of days. It took time getting used to waking up early and working all day. My past retail jobs offered me a few experiences of working an all-day shift, but it was never very consistent. I wanted to share some tips that I have come across when it comes to getting used to working a full day for the first time.

Get some rest

Even though it might be the summer right now, going to bed early is the biggest piece of advice I can give. Instead of staying up all night watching Netflix, putting your phone down earlier can help. The eight-hour sleep theory is true, and I have experienced it firsthand. Making sure you are fully rested helps make sure you are ready to conquer your day.

Get ready the night before

It might sound cliché but packing your bag the night before work can save so much time in the morning. Whether it’s packing your lunch or picking out your clothes, taking that extra step will help in the long run.

Stick to a routine

During school I got in the habit of seeing how quickly I could get ready every day so I could sleep in. Add in classes starting at different times and my whole sleep schedule was a mess. Getting on a consistent schedule has helped exponentially. I feel way more refreshed and awake during my days because of the schedule I stick to.

It takes time

Getting in a routine will take time. I struggled through my first couple of days at my internship because I was not used to the nine to five routine. As time has progressed, I got used to working throughout the day with ease.

The afternoon

The afternoon has to be the hardest time for me. I was used to ending my class days around 2:00, but now I am working until 5:00 most days. I have learned that even when it feels impossible that staying productive not only makes the day go by faster but makes me feel more awake.

Some days are harder than others, but I get through them. Sometimes the day requires an extra cup of coffee, but I’m getting through it and you can too.


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