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Goodbye Indiana INTERNnet,


As my spring internship wraps up with Indiana INTERNnet there are many things, I’m grateful for and look forward to! I’m thankful that the Indiana INTERNnet team took a chance on me to be part of the team for the spring. During my time here I had great overall experience being part of the team and working with them. I was able to accomplish many things during my time and tried new things out. There are many wonderful people I met throughout my time here and have made great connections. I learned what it was like to be in a professional environment and how to interact with others. I can now say I know what it feels like to work a nine-to-five.


This internship helped me gain many valuable skills that will help transition into the professional world without a problem. I was able to not only develop my technical skills but personal skills as well. Being a part of Indiana INTERNnet’s mission and contributing to its work was very rewarding. The entire Indiana INTERNnet team was always there to help me and supported me whenever I ran into a roadblock or had an issue. I was scared at first and not sure what to do but over time that fear went away, and I had a wonderful time!


Indiana INTERNnet Team:


Mike, thank you for giving me the freedom to select my project and being able to do meaningful work that aligned with my career objects. This project helped me set objectives of what to accomplish and be able to showcase this to employers when I begin my job search. You were always understanding and open whenever I needed help, had a question or had new ideas to share. You helped me learn about professional etiquette by having me sit in on meetings besides the team ones.


Allison, thank you for helping me develop different skills by letting me do cross-functional tasks and projects to explore new things I might not be used to. Those projects you assigned me helped me understand how to dive in and learn new skills by doing different tasks that I might not have been comfortable with. But you were always there to help and supported me when I ran into issues. Your work will never be the same so it is great to do different tasks that might not be related to your career because you develop new skills that you would have never acquired before.


Caitlyn, thank you for helping me understand the digital side of marketing and how to run social media properly as well as what to avoid doing. I didn’t know how much went into social media and posting but besides “just posting on there.”  I was able to develop my understanding of content creation and work on creating graphics as well. Also, you helped me understand what went into the blog and how to proofread and look over it as I made many errors over time, but I have learned!


Indiana Chamber Staff:


Thank you to all the staff members that I interviewed for my blog series. It was a pleasure being able to write about your journey and listen to your career stories and the progress you have made. Thank you for letting me be able to ask career-related questions and for providing me with career advice and feedback. All the mentoring and advice has been very helpful as I begin my job search. I know what to look for and what I want to do because of everyone’s input and help from their experiences.


Thank you, everyone, for making me feel like I was part of the team and working with me for the past couple of months. The Indiana INTERNnet team and Indiana Chamber staff were very welcoming and supportive throughout my time here. I would nominate the Indiana Chamber as one of the “Best Places to Work” and give them 5 stars on Glassdoor! I will miss everyone at the Chamber but look forward to crossing paths with you all in the near future.


Best regards,


Favian Aveja


Life Tips From This Internship:

  • Network! Talk to people in your office because they know other people at other companies (not just people in the office) and can connect you to others where you might want to work.
  • Ask others for help whether it’s work related or career-wise (people are willing to help).
  • Don’t be scared whether it is asking for help or networking.
  • Create a portfolio of your work accomplished.
  • Ask for references and recommendations.
  • Connect with staff on LinkedIn before you leave and stay connected!
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