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It’s no secret that internships serve as an amazing learning opportunity and can set you up for the future. During your internship there are a few things you should keep in the back of your mind before you leave.

Could I do this long-term?

With the way internships are set up you are only there for a set amount of time. Because of this you get a real taste of what it would be like if you had a full-time position with this company. Do you like the environment and culture around you? What would you change about this position? What do you like about this position? These are some things to think about when looking at your future positions.

Where do I want to be?

Internships are not only an amazing way to get hands on experience in the workplace, but they also serve as an amazing way to network and meet new people. When meeting new people ask about their jobs and see what role they have. Connections can help you exponentially throughout your career. When learning about others’ roles think about what peaks your interests.

What am I learning?

Every day brings a new learning experience. Think about all the tasks you perform and how that will help you in other positions. Whether it is a new writing style, better time management skills, or a new professional connection think about all the small details you have experienced and the ways in which they will benefit you in the future.

How can I display these skills on my resume?

Building your resume with internship experience can benefit your future exponentially. Keeping your resume updated with the most relevant information is essential when it comes to finding your next position. Reflecting on your experiences and the skills you have learned will help you when it comes time to updating your resume.

What are the next steps?

Thinking ahead is never a bad idea. Knowing what steps to take next can be challenging. Combining what you have learned, what you want to learn, and where you want to be can help make this process a little bit easier. It might be difficult to know what comes next but with internships you can ask professionals for advice when it comes to finding out what the future holds.

Employers are always posting new internships on Indiana INTERNnet. When you are ready for your next opportunity, we have you covered. With all the positions being added, you can continue your interning experiences and work in many unique fields. When experiencing many different industries these questions can help make navigating the future a little less intimidating.

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