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This summer has been such an amazing experience at Indiana INTERNnet. I have been so incredibly lucky to work with such amazing people and learn so much along the way. Between seeing behind the scenes of event preparation and learning how to correctly navigate the workplace, this summer has been the best learning opportunity. While learning in the classroom is important, there are some things that can’t be learned while listening to a lecture.

The Importance of Connections

Of course, meeting new people and expanding your circle of people is important. But it wasn’t until I got an internship that I realized how important networking really is. You never know who can help you get ahead or if someone you know has the perfect job for you. It’s important that you continue to grow your connections and keep up with the relationships that you make.

Asking Questions Only Makes You Smarter

I have mentioned this multiple times in past blog posts, but I truly stand by it. Asking questions is never a bad thing. I used to be so afraid of asking questions on topics that I was not quite sure about. I was used to asking questions in the classroom, but I didn’t want to come off as unprepared or dumb in the workplace. Asking questions along the way only made it possible for me to learn so much more and has opened so many more amazing conversations. This also goes with not being afraid to ask for help.

Say Yes as Much as Possible

Accept as many opportunities as you can that give you a chance to prove yourself. While sometimes you have to say no, which is understandable, saying yes to any opportunity that comes your way can open so many doors for your future.

Hard Work Pays Off

I know at times interning isn’t the most glamorous thing, but they’ll get you a lot further in your career. Everything that you are doing is being seen, I promise. You got hired for a reason, and the people around you know and see your potential.

This summer has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life and I am so grateful for it. The people I have met along the way have been so amazing and inspiring. I went from being absolutely terrified on my first day to being so excited to come into the office. I am so lucky to have spent the summer being surrounded by such a great environment.

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